Bokura ga Ita – 僕等がいた

Well, well where should I start? I checked my categories and I didn’t find Bokura ga Ita on it. At first, it suprised me, ’cause  I watched all episodes and read the manga. …. Strange me 🙂
  The anime is long time ago finished, only 26 episodes. That time my japanese was a little bit rusty and I miss translated the title (only in my head) : It hurts us.  Ha ha,  silly me 🙂 And after every episode it really hurt. I felt sorry for Nana chan and understood  Yamamoto san pain and Yano’s confused behavior.
Plot Summary: Nanami Takahashi is a high school student entering her first year. Immediately on her first day however, she becomes the victim of a practical joke by the school’s most popular guy, Motoharu Yano, who coincidentally also ends up in her class. While the two get off to a rocky start, they soon find themselves falling in love with one another and begin dating. But their relationship is marred by Yano’s past which includes the death of Yano’s previous girlfriend, Nana Yamamoto, and the betrayal surrounding her death. To make matters more complicated her younger sister, Yuri, is in the same class as Yano and Nanami. As Yano struggles to come to grips with Nana’s death and his unresolved feelings for her, so too must Nanami learn to understand Yano if the two hope to continue their relationship with one another. (from animenewsnetwork)

HelloOooOOoooOOooOooO – Fairy Tail

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!  (I’m late for this)

If you following along Fairy Tail, it’s not a news for you. I’ve read this chapter for months ago, but still I wanna make a post. ‘Cause I like Fairy Tail x Rave 🙂

Elie and Lucy, Lucy and Elie? Who's your fav?Elie and Lucy, Lucy and Elie? Who’s your fav?

I’ve to admit that –> Yes, Wendy is young for Natsu. But Lucy?? That’s too obvious! …. Well, Go! Go! Lucy 🙂
What about Gray and Juvia?? I wonder if he has feelings for her. Or maybe Gray loves Ezra, who loves Gerard. O_o

Gray boy, u r in love :)Juvia looks prettier with her new hair style. And Gray, how do you mean: Don’t just go taking what’s mine??? It’s a love confession 🙂 (I’m too naive)

Have you seen the almost kiss scene?? I hate “almost kiss scenes”, still it’s better than nothing.

Skip Beat cp.178

Just 2 days and Bleach movie 4 in  stores 🙂 It’s time!!!

Before that, here is Skip Beat 🙂 Honestly, I don’t like this arc. Kyoko was “dark” before, and now?? This time the only differnce is she is “dark, dangerous” with Ren.  I’m wonder what’s next 🙂

He is coming .... get lost Edward Cullen 🙂 🙂

a gentle touch .... oh f...k I wanna see a kiss 😛

it's just Ren


Kimi ni Todoke cp.58

Love is in the air. … Couples everywhere 🙂 and it’s really bothers Chizu. She drinks sweet, just like Ryu. I hope sooner or later they do something 😉 naughty … (that won’t happen).

Kazehaya almost kissed Sawako, but Ayane interrupted them. Poor Kazahaye, poor fellow.

Just do it!

Fairy Tail x Rave

Since I’ve read Fairy Tail x Rave special. There is one question in my mind: Will Natsu get married with Lucy?? Because!!! In the end of Rave Haru and Elie got married.(same mangaka, same ending?)  ….
At the moment Natsu has 3 different future brides. First Lucy: she is the main heroine and the the manga starts with her. Second Lisanna: During the time that they were raising the egg, Natsu and Lisanna developed a very close friendship. Third Wendy: She is also a dragonslayer

Will Hiro Mashima make it happen?

wedding peach 😀

Kimi ni Todoke cp. 57

“The seed of love is beginning to mature” – well said Sawako, well said. I haven’t thought about it, this kind of love. …. Beacuse everyone searching for  a big love with fire. But fire can burn and its hurts. The true love is like a seed, it can grow like a tree. And everysingle day love more your chosen one. Go Sawako!!!!


I really love this chapter. Worth to read!! Chizu and Ryu is getting closer to each other … I mean in a special way. But I wonder with whom will end up Ayane???

kawaiii 🙂

Kiss? Just do it!!!