Vampire Knight trilogy 76.- 77.- 78.

I’d like to start with a confession: I love Kaname-Yuki-Zero trio, B.u.T. I lost the storyline. O_o OMG
I read the chapters and kept asking myself: What blood tablets? What’s with Kaname? goOd or bad? 😦
I’m not perfect … Can someone help me? PLS 🙂

Anyway the last 3 chapters has good ZeroxYuki material … hihi 🙂

boy u must poison me ....

Catch me if you can ... Hold me .... Awwww

oh Sara-san u r a nasty girl 🙂

that's true

Kaname back in town O_o, Yuki, prepare yourself!

Vampire Knight cp.73

I luv this chapter 🙂 I was waiting for something like this. Finally, a good Zero Yuki moment 🙂

Over the past few days, I didn’t feel well.

Come to me 🙂

Taste me !!!

to me it's a kiss scene 🙂

Vampire Knight cp.72

and yay yaay yaaay, it’s always a happy day, when I find a new VK chapter. Have you ever feel the same???

Wooo, Maria wants steel Zero from Yuki?? But wait, Zero is free because Yuki is with Kaname, or not??? … Well, that’s true than, Maria don’t steel Zero from Yuki…….. OMG ………There should be 2 Yukis :D:D

Kill me, Yuki. I don't wanna suffer anymore ....

I don’t know why, but I like this Ruka girl, and I feel sorry for her.

bitter-sweet Triangle

Just do it, Maria! Zero deserves someone 🙂