Kimi ni Todoke cp.58

Love is in the air. … Couples everywhere 🙂 and it’s really bothers Chizu. She drinks sweet, just like Ryu. I hope sooner or later they do something 😉 naughty … (that won’t happen).

Kazehaya almost kissed Sawako, but Ayane interrupted them. Poor Kazahaye, poor fellow.

Just do it!

Kimi ni Todoke cp. 57

“The seed of love is beginning to mature” – well said Sawako, well said. I haven’t thought about it, this kind of love. …. Beacuse everyone searching for  a big love with fire. But fire can burn and its hurts. The true love is like a seed, it can grow like a tree. And everysingle day love more your chosen one. Go Sawako!!!!


I really love this chapter. Worth to read!! Chizu and Ryu is getting closer to each other … I mean in a special way. But I wonder with whom will end up Ayane???

kawaiii 🙂

Kiss? Just do it!!!

Double-Bubble => Kimi ni Todoke 2nd season 5-6. episode

Last week I didn’t have enough time for watch Kimi ni Todoke. Good for me, ’cause this two episode linked together.
Finally, something has happened!! Thanks to Kento. I understand this guy, he only wants to help Sawako. He has good intention, but bad methods. …. result: angry Kazehaya and weeping Sawako.
There is a cute Chizu-scene as well. I’m fun of Chizu and Ryu.

She can be cute!



Kimi ni Todoke 2nd ep.3

I’ve just seen the 3rd episode. And I still love the Kent-Kazehaya-Kuronoma trio! aka KKK or 3K
Ayane is annoying, she always wants to protect Kuronoma. But I don’t know why?? Is she her mother or something else? Definetly, not! so then mind her on business.
The best part of this episode, when Kent teachs Kuronoma how to say “Ohayou” 🙂 And Kazehaya watching this scene 😀

Kuronoma's cute smile 🙂

3K member 🙂

What's on your mind?

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd season ep.1

This is it! The first episode, title : Valentine’s Day. If  this episode aired in February, It’d be funnier.
When I was reading the manga, I really enjoyed it.  I love Sawako, she is so different, of course in a positive way. In some forum, people are comparing Sawako to Orihime. I see what they mean, but I’m still not convinced. Orihime knows that she love that dense guy, but Sawako isn’t realize her feelings.

Kazehaya and a random girl

oh, Pin I missed your mess 🙂