Fairy Tail x Rave

Since I’ve read Fairy Tail x Rave special. There is one question in my mind: Will Natsu get married with Lucy?? Because!!! In the end of Rave Haru and Elie got married.(same mangaka, same ending?)  ….
At the moment Natsu has 3 different future brides. First Lucy: she is the main heroine and the the manga starts with her. Second Lisanna: During the time that they were raising the egg, Natsu and Lisanna developed a very close friendship. Third Wendy: She is also a dragonslayer

Will Hiro Mashima make it happen?

wedding peach 😀

11 thoughts on “Fairy Tail x Rave

  1. Wendy is way too young for Natsu so its likely impossible for them, just as what you speculate I think that he’ll also end up with Lucy because its way to obvious..

    • Yes.Yes.Wendy is waaaaaay to young for Natsu.Wendy is 12.I think?It also doesn’t mean that “Wendy is a dragonslayer!Lets pair him with Natsu!”Sheeesh.Its also okay cause I’m a NaLu and GrayLu fan.Hehe.Lucylover!:3

  2. I too think he’ll end up with Lucy. But, I want him to be with lisanna since they have history together and because i am a huge Graylu fan Gray x lucy . i know it’s pretty random but idk maybe it’s cause they have so many awkward romantic scenes in both the anime and manga. i wanted Juvia to be with lyon but those pairings are prob not gonna happen sooooo…….

  3. je tout a fais d accord avec toi moi aussi je suis une grosse fan du greylu et je veux que natsu finit avec lisanna car il ont une eux une histoire super hemouvante

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