Hanasaku Iroha – 花咲くいろは ep.10

As a result of constantly getting up early to help clean, Ohana collapses with a fever and is told to rest for the day. I was waiting for this, in a good shoujo anime there are always someone, who gets fever, or catch cold, or collapse etc … Most of the time, I love the “ill-episode” 🙂 because there is always an almost-kiss-scene. (just like in Kaichou wa Maid-sama )

What do you think?

Tōru makes her some porridge and becomes slightly enamoured by her appearance. It’s high time for this!!! Come on Tóru 🙂

cute 🙂

Minko starts to become a bit jealous of the attention Tōru gives to Ohana. But honestly, I don’t care … I don’t like tsundere types. except tsundere boys 🙂

poor minko

Hanasaku Iroha

Yesterday, I found Azazel-san. But today, I’ve found even better anime, the charming Hanasaku Iroha!
I’ve already watched the first two episodes and all I want is MORE episodes!  …. Waiting isn’t my style.
It’s about Ohana Matsumae who moves from Tokyo to out in the country to live with her grandmother at an old hot spring inn named Kissuisō. Ohana begins working at the inn and trying to makes friends with the other employees. She is hardworking and not a typical simple-minded chick. Firmly the season favourite female heroine.

here they are 🙂