Houkago no Pleiades – 放課後のプレアデス – ONA 2.-4.

I don’t even remember, when was the last time I’ve seen a transform.
The little girls are so cute 🙂 they outfit kawaii,  not too much.
but the evil hero outfit is  …. ridiculous 😀
I like to story cause is sweet and pure 🙂 It could have been longer ….


candies 🙂


Houkago no Pleiades – 放課後のプレアデス – ONA

Well, another short anime, I mean ONA.
In short: Subaru likes the stars, watching them after school. One day, he meet a misterious guy (hot) Minato. and a star team 😀 ?
Number of episodes only 4, length 6 minutes.  But it’s worth to watch 🙂

mysterious Minato