Skip Beat cp.178

Just 2 days and Bleach movie 4 in  stores 🙂 It’s time!!!

Before that, here is Skip Beat 🙂 Honestly, I don’t like this arc. Kyoko was “dark” before, and now?? This time the only differnce is she is “dark, dangerous” with Ren.  I’m wonder what’s next 🙂

He is coming .... get lost Edward Cullen 🙂 🙂

a gentle touch .... oh f...k I wanna see a kiss 😛

it's just Ren


Skip Beat cp.171

Ren and Kyouko, Kyouko and Ren. Like a never ending drama circle.  No she detest Ren. What next?
I like shoujo manga so much. But nothing readable happens. Bleach’s more drama scenes 🙂 Shishi wants to kill Orhimie. OMG 😀
By the way, I’m waiting for the next chapter!!!

she is beautiful

What do you think, Ladies?