HelloOooOOoooOOooOooO – Fairy Tail

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!  (I’m late for this)

If you following along Fairy Tail, it’s not a news for you. I’ve read this chapter for months ago, but still I wanna make a post. ‘Cause I like Fairy Tail x Rave 🙂

Elie and Lucy, Lucy and Elie? Who's your fav?Elie and Lucy, Lucy and Elie? Who’s your fav?

I’ve to admit that –> Yes, Wendy is young for Natsu. But Lucy?? That’s too obvious! …. Well, Go! Go! Lucy 🙂
What about Gray and Juvia?? I wonder if he has feelings for her. Or maybe Gray loves Ezra, who loves Gerard. O_o

Gray boy, u r in love :)Juvia looks prettier with her new hair style. And Gray, how do you mean: Don’t just go taking what’s mine??? It’s a love confession 🙂 (I’m too naive)

Have you seen the almost kiss scene?? I hate “almost kiss scenes”, still it’s better than nothing.

Fairy Tail x Rave

Since I’ve read Fairy Tail x Rave special. There is one question in my mind: Will Natsu get married with Lucy?? Because!!! In the end of Rave Haru and Elie got married.(same mangaka, same ending?)  ….
At the moment Natsu has 3 different future brides. First Lucy: she is the main heroine and the the manga starts with her. Second Lisanna: During the time that they were raising the egg, Natsu and Lisanna developed a very close friendship. Third Wendy: She is also a dragonslayer

Will Hiro Mashima make it happen?

wedding peach 😀

Fairy Tail cp.229

I’m getting better, slowly but surely. 2 doctors 1 week 2 illness 1 Bleach chapter.  I don’t wanna complaint,  I just wanna share with you.

I read Fairy Tail, and I love Juvia when she is serious.Nobody can hurt (her) Gray-sama 🙂 Now, the three of them connected …. I bet, that little girl will fall in love Gray as well. But what a waste if, Gray gets hurt by this way. I love his fights too, I don’t want him to get beaten by Ultear. I don’t understand, why can’t Ultear sense Gray. She’s the number 1 of the 7 kin. ….

Now, I know why is her name is Lluvia 🙂 Thanks to my spanish classes 😉

a new dream team???

Day by day :) + Fairy Tail cp. 225

So, I’m still preparing for next week topic. 🙂 I hope you’ll like it 🙂

This week big suprise, a cool-handsome Gray!! But it’s not enough to be Mr. March. Or am I wrong?
I kind of enjoy reading this chapter. Why is Cana soooo possessed with the S-class Test?? I wonder what’d happened …. I guess …. someone died …

who's that sexy guy?

Fairy Tail ep.68

Another arc has ended. I loved this arc, it was good because of Wendy 🙂 And they are finally become reconciled with Jellal. And Wendy join the Fairy Tail, because her guild wan an illusion.
I like their cloths 🙂 I’m so tired today.


Fairy Tail cp. 220

Is Mira really dead? No…. I don’t think so. It can’t be. Am I right? Fairy Tail is not that type of manga.
It’s sweet and the good guys always win. Right?
By the way, I do really enjoyed this chapter 🙂 Natsu, Natsu is the ultimate shounen hero.

Mira & Lisanna