Fairy Tail x Rave

Since I’ve read Fairy Tail x Rave special. There is one question in my mind: Will Natsu get married with Lucy?? Because!!! In the end of Rave Haru and Elie got married.(same mangaka, same ending?)  ….
At the moment Natsu has 3 different future brides. First Lucy: she is the main heroine and the the manga starts with her. Second Lisanna: During the time that they were raising the egg, Natsu and Lisanna developed a very close friendship. Third Wendy: She is also a dragonslayer

Will Hiro Mashima make it happen?

wedding peach 😀

Kimi ni Todoke cp. 57

“The seed of love is beginning to mature” – well said Sawako, well said. I haven’t thought about it, this kind of love. …. Beacuse everyone searching for  a big love with fire. But fire can burn and its hurts. The true love is like a seed, it can grow like a tree. And everysingle day love more your chosen one. Go Sawako!!!!


I really love this chapter. Worth to read!! Chizu and Ryu is getting closer to each other … I mean in a special way. But I wonder with whom will end up Ayane???

kawaiii 🙂

Kiss? Just do it!!!

Fairy Tail cp.229

I’m getting better, slowly but surely. 2 doctors 1 week 2 illness 1 Bleach chapter.  I don’t wanna complaint,  I just wanna share with you.

I read Fairy Tail, and I love Juvia when she is serious.Nobody can hurt (her) Gray-sama 🙂 Now, the three of them connected …. I bet, that little girl will fall in love Gray as well. But what a waste if, Gray gets hurt by this way. I love his fights too, I don’t want him to get beaten by Ultear. I don’t understand, why can’t Ultear sense Gray. She’s the number 1 of the 7 kin. ….

Now, I know why is her name is Lluvia 🙂 Thanks to my spanish classes 😉

a new dream team???