Hey guys! I’m sad, I feel alone and I’m lonely. My favourite forum is shut down, and I don’t know why? (I’m talking about bleachasylum)

So, who has seen the newest Bleach chapter? And ideas?

好きっていいなよ – Say, “I Love You” – Suki-tte Ii na yo

Since I’ve got a little time …. 🙂 I can share you, what I’ve been watching these days.

I don’t know for how long will this video avaible, but  here is the opening song:
“Friendship ~for Say ‘I Love You’.” (Friendship ~for 好きっていいなよ。) by Ritsuko Okazaki, the same amazing singer how’s song was one of the FruitBasket title song!!! I love her voice! RIP 😦

Pic from ep.2

好きっていいなよI love Kurosawa and Kurosaki ... Ahw Kuroboys my weakness :p

Plot Summary: For 16 years, Tachibana Mei has had no boyfriend and couldn’t even make friends. One day she accidentally injures Kurosawa Yamato, the most popular boy in school, but for some reason Yamato takes interest in her and one-sidedly declares her his friend. He even kisses Mei to protect her from a stalker. This story based on the hit manga by rising star Hazuki Kanae paints a realistic story of first love. (from Animenews)

Samurai Champloo

I’ve seen all of the episodes and I love it!!!! I watched one episode with another, I was like a chain smokker 🙂

Here are some pictures from the last two episodes.  I won’t tell the story, you must see it 🙂

Red&Blue - Dragon&Tiger - Mugen&Jinoops, that must be hurt ....just Mugenand Jin

Mugen:A brash vagabond from the Ryukyu Islands, Mugen is a wanderer with a wildly unconventional fighting style. He wears metal-soled geta and carries an exotic sword on his back. In Japanese, the word mugen means “infinite”(from Wiki)

Jin: Jin is a reserved ronin of 20 years who carries himself in the conventionally stoic manner of a samurai of the Tokugawa era. Using his waist-strung daishō, he fights in the traditional kenjutsu style of a samurai trained in a prominent, sanctioned dojo. Jin wears glasses, an available but uncommon accessory in Edo era Japan. (from Wiki)

Samurai Champloo

I’m watching Samurai Champloo. In the other day, I was searching on Imdb, and look what have I found. An anime, on the top list 🙂 Hihi
Plot Summary: Mugen is a fierce animal-like warrior with a unique Bboying (break-dance) inspired fighting style. Jin has a more traditional style but don’t think of this as a weakness because his skills are amazing. The two contrasting samurai warriors are far from friends, yet their separate paths seem to cross anyways. Mugen is wandering aimlessly through the city when he stumbles upon a teahouse where he meets Jin and Fuu (A ditzy waitress, but don‘t think she doesn‘t have anything hidden up her sleeves). Fuu convinces them both to come with her in search of a mysterious samurai that smells like sunflowers and their journey begins. This modernized hip-hop tale breaks the barriers of the common, historical, samurai anime. (from Animenewsnetwork)

Vampire Knight trilogy 76.- 77.- 78.

I’d like to start with a confession: I love Kaname-Yuki-Zero trio, B.u.T. I lost the storyline. O_o OMG
I read the chapters and kept asking myself: What blood tablets? What’s with Kaname? goOd or bad? 😦
I’m not perfect … Can someone help me? PLS 🙂

Anyway the last 3 chapters has good ZeroxYuki material … hihi 🙂

boy u must poison me ....

Catch me if you can ... Hold me .... Awwww

oh Sara-san u r a nasty girl 🙂

that's true

Kaname back in town O_o, Yuki, prepare yourself!