Hey guys! I’m sad, I feel alone and I’m lonely. My favourite forum is shut down, and I don’t know why? (I’m talking about bleachasylum)

So, who has seen the newest Bleach chapter? And ideas?


I’m still playing Orde & Chaos. Oh, man I don’t have time for another things. Oh, If you play too and needs help your will find me as Affin 🙂 I help you anytime 🙂

I’ve just read Bleach and thanks god Rukia is back. I missed her sooooo much. Im Hime fan, but it was boring without her. And her new hair, cute 🙂 Do you like too??

He is back 🙂

Yaaaay, Rukia 🙂

Sweet Orihime

All I have to say is that Orihime OWNS this entire chapter and the chapter before. And I hope the next chapter, as well 🙂

She got stronger, her new power is amazing.

Shiten Koushun

my fav pair 🙂 me gusta IchiHime 🙂

Because I love Bleach – cp.438

Kaon-chan do you like Bleach?? I do, but I think is pretty obvious 🙂
Some people said that’s it’s boring, nothing happens etc …. but I said: You have to appreciate it. The HM arc was to long, now Kubo can draw whatever he wants.

By the way it’s weekend I was messing around with Photoshop 😀