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Yesterday, I was very happy! I found the latest Kobato chapter on StopTazmo, read it!
Fujimoto is adorable, he almost tells his fellings to Kobato. But Domoto interrupts …. But don’t worry, I think it’s to soon.
I’m pretty sure, there will be a next time.

oh, and Sayaka hugs Fujimoto.

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I love you, too!

Sayaka loves him?? or what??

Kobato v06.cp.22c and 22d

Look what I’ve found yesterday evening.
Kobato chapters. Read and enjoy 🙂

Fujimoto loves Kobato ~~~

The first part is here, you can Read Online(select Kobato:)) as well.
Kohaku and Ginsei talks about Iorogi-san. You can see Iorogi face 🙂 yay, coool 🙂 What do you think?

Well, if you can’t wait. You can read here the RAW DROP 22IV. Well if you speak Chinese, that it isn’t raw for you 😀
Well, thanks to x_EternalBlessing, here is the translation:

Page 1

Kohaku: But

Kohaku: Even if Kohaku could still use her powers, she still no longer has her wings.

Shuichiro: Even without wings,

Shuichiro: To me, Kohaku will always be an angel.

Kohaku: … Thank you.

Page 2

Kohaku: I hope that the feelings of worrying over a precious person can reach those people.

Page 3

Kohaku: And I hope the wishes of Kobato-chan as well as the angel will both be granted.

Page 4

Ioryogi: … That person did not notice Kobato’s wings.

No. He did not see it.

However, they really are those that only angels have, the wings that are transparent under the sunlight.

Page 5

Ioryogi: Her… wings.

But why does Kobato have the angel’s wings?

Could it be…

Page 6

Kobato: You have a person who is precious to you, right?

Even though you were together before,

But in order for her to be far away from real danger, you intentionally hurt her… and left her.

Page 7

Kobato: You still view her as your most precious. That’s why you are deceiving both yourself and that person.

Ioryogi: That definitely is the angel’s powers.

Ioryogi: Kobato is using an angel’s powers to read Okiura’s heart.

(TN: I don’t really know what “法愿” translates to. So I wrote it as “an angel’s powers” since Kohaku had it and Ioryogi’s angel also has it. It could also probably be “heaven’s powers”?)

Page 8

Ioryogi: But the angel should be sleeping deep within Kobato.

Okiura: Isn’t this random guessing too ridiculous?

Kobato: … I merely voiced out exactly what your heart is saying.

Kobato: Even though you buried it deep in your heart, and hearing it is really difficult.

Kobato: But that truly was your voice.

Page 9

Kobato: Your wish is for that important person to be happy, isn’t it.

No matter how painful doing that thing is for you.

That person is…

Page 10

Okiura: … Even if that is true,

Okiura: How would it benefit you to have my wish come true?

Kobato: If your wish could come true, then I would be happy too.

Page 11

Okiura: You and I have only met a few times, right?

Okiura: Then why…

Kobato: Because that is what my important person is expecting.

Kobato: My important person also has someone who he views as very important.

Kobato: If that person could obtain happiness, then my important person would be happy as well.

Page 12

Kobato: That’s why, Okiura-san’s wish must come true first.

Okiura: Are they… Sayaka and Kiyokazu?

Okiura: … Does Kiyokazu know about you coming to see me?

Kobato: No. I didn’t tell him.

Page 13

Okiura: If he knew, then he would definitely…

Kobato: He would probably get mad.

Kobato: Because Fujimoto-san is very caring.

Kobato: But, even if I were not to be here, he would definitely quickly forget me.

Kobato: Fujimoto-san… doesn’t like me.

Fujimoto: YOU IDIOT!

Page 14

Ioryogi: So the kids at the nursery told him after all.

Kobato: Fujimoto-san!

Page 15

Okiura: Looks like he came to pick you up.

Okiura: Let’s end here for today, Kobato-chan.

Kobato: I haven’t finished what I wanted to say yet…!

Okiura: Tomorrow, I will go to Yomogi Nursery.

Page 16

Fujimoto: Oi…!

Okiura: Please tell Sayaka, that is the final deadline.

Page 17

Kobato: Okiura-san!

Page 18


Kobato: Because Fujimoto-san is busy at the nursery and the part time jobs. So I wanted to talk to Okiura-san myself.

Fujimoto: That too! But I’m not talking about that!

Kobato: Eh?

Page 19

Fujimoto: Why would you think I dislike you?!

Kobato: There doesn’t seem to be any things

Kobato: That shows you like me.

Fujimoto: … What did you say?

Kobato: From the first day we met to now, I’ve always caused trouble for Fujimoto-san.

Kobato: Always making Fujimoto-san mad.

Page 20

Fujimoto: I wasn’t mad!

Kobato: I’m… sorry.

Fujimoto: It’s not like that…!

Ending text: In order to have Fujimoto’s wish come true, Kobato has to make Okiura’s wish come true. Fujimoto rushed to her side!

Kobato and her wings

Kobato Drop 21

Itt az idő, most vagy Kobato 🙂 // na jó ez gyenge volt 🙂

de a lényeg az itt van:


Kobato Drop 21

Kobato Drop 21 : The true feeling

Page 1
Sayaka: Will Kobato come today?
Fujimoto: I…

Page 2
Fujimoto: She said, “It will be alright when the sun come out again tomorrow”
Sayaka: I see…
Sayaka: so you have gone to see her then…
Sayaka: to Kobato’s place

Fujimoto: I am going out to sweep.
Sayaka: Fujimoto-kun, do you understand?

Page 3
Sayaka: for a person as you who is not good at expressing your feeling
Sayaka: you have changed a lot after meeting with Kobato

Sayaka: I
Sayaka: need to change myself as well

Page 4
Fujimoto: I didn’t make a special effort to go there…
Fujimoto: just happened to live next door..

Kobato: Good Morning!!
Fujimoto: WAA!!

Page 5
Kobato: Ehh!?
Kobato: Is there something behind me!?
Fujimoto: no! is you!

Kobato: Huh!?
Kobato: ME!?

Kobato: Is there something strange!?
Fujimoto: You are always very strange!

Kobato: AHHHHH!?
SFX: shock

SFX: Strange
SFX: cough

Page 6
Fujimoto: … you, are you alright?

Kobato: yes, I am fine
Kobato: Today’s weather is really nice, and I have already made up my decision.

Page 7
Kobato: By the way, thank you so much for giving me cakes from Chiroru!

Fujimoto: ah… that’s nothing
Fujimoto: it is just at hand.

Kobato: But I am very happy

Page 8
Fujimoto: … which one is the most delicious?
Kobato: Which one? They all look really delicious

Fujimoto: what do you mean by look, you haven’t eaten them yet?
Kobato: no.

Fujimoto: well, then
Fujimoto: *whisper-whisper* if you have one that’s your favourite…

Page 9
Kobato: what?

Fujimoto: NOTHING!

Fujimoto: Let’s start sweeping
Kobato: yes

Kobato: Report Fujimoto-san, there’s no broom

Page 10
Fujimoto: I am going to grab them now!
SFX: phone ring
SFX: huh
SFX: grip tightly

Page 11
Fujimoto: I am going to get the broom
Kobato: Okay
Kobato: To Fujimoto-san, the one who he is most worried about is Sayaka-sensai.

Page 12
Kobato: … I want to heal Fujimoto-san
Kobato: not because I want to fill up the bottle but because I hope to see his smile.

Ioryogi: … really?

Page 13
side-text: Kobato realize the important reason of existence to her. However, she doesn’t have much time left …
Kobato: That’s why…
Kobato: I will try my hardest

Kobato: you are…


Nem tudom mi történt, vagy történik. De egyre nehezebben tudom megszerezni a kedvenc mangáimat.
Nem rég a OneManga mondott “csődött”. S most már a MangaFox is egyre több mangat tesz kényszerpihenőre.
Ez így már nem állapot, kérem szépen!

De fent van a Kobato manga legújabb fejezete.

Itt lehet olvasni: Kobato Drop 21

S hozzá a szöveg: Nem én fordítottam, hanem : xraiko — thanks for the translation! 

[Page 1]
Drop 22. For you

[Page 2]
Boy: Kobato nee-chan left!
Girl: She walked off with the mean nii-chan that came to the nursery before.
Boy: Kobato nee-chan told us to tell you that she’s going out for a bit.
I wanted to stop her but she just left smiling.

[Page 3]
Fujimoto: That idiot!!
Kobato: Hello Okiura-san. Thank you very much for coming all this way.
Okiura: No problem. I’m more than happy to come and meet a cute girl.
I’m usually still asleep at this time of the day so I’m a bit tired. Excuse me, ha.

[Page 4]
Kobato: Sorry, I should have gone to your residence or workplace for your convenience.
Okiura: No, it was Miyada… the guy who contracted appendicitis
He stopped you right?
Kobato: Yes. I said it was okay to just meet on the road side.
Okiura: It’s because we don’t know what will happen if we met at our office.
SFX: *Hide*
Okiura: Best that we choose somewhere public. He’s very worried about you.
Kobato: Really?
Okiura: Really.

[Page 5]
Okiura: Since I’m from the Yakuza.
Kobato: Then I have a request for the Yakuza Okiura-san.
Okiura: Kobato, you are truly very interesting.
Okiura: What kind of request?

[Page 6]
Kobato: Please don’t close down Yomogi nursery.
Okiura: That I can’t do.

[Page 7]
Kobato: Why?
Okiura: Because I haven’t been paid back.
Kobato: So you won’t close it down if we pay you back?
Okiura: Mmmm… that’s correct.
Okiura: But the nursery doesn’t have the money right? Little Kiyokazu won’t be able to pay back such a large sum even if he works part time.
Okiura: Or…

[Page 8]
Okiura: Might you have a plan, Kobato?

[Page 9]
*Note* From the Chinese text, I’m guessing Fujimoto referred to Kobato as “aitsu” in the original Japanese dialogue? Bit hard to translate so I’ll just say “her”.

Doumoto: Kiyokazu!?
Doumoto: Why the rush?
Fujimoto: Have you seen her?!
Doumoto: Her?
Fujimoto: YEA, HER!
Fujimoto: Always clumsy, makes a mess when she paints, even though she can sing pretty well
Fujimoto: But lacking common sense and doesn’t recognise danger when she sees it, that’s her!

[Page 10]
Doumoto: Calm down
Doumoto: Is it someone I’m supposed to know?
Fujimoto: You’ve met her before!
Doumoto: Could it be, Hanazawa Kobato?
Fujimoto: That’s right!!
Doumoto: Ahhh, her!
Did you manage to scare her away?
Fujimoto: I DID NOT!

[Page 11]
Fujimoto: That idiot. She got herself caught up in the mess that Okiura created.
Doumoto: Okiura… is that Sayaka’s ex husband?
Fujimoto: … yea
Doumoto: When did she disappear?
Fujimoto: Just then, when the kids from the nursery saw her leave with Okiura’s underling.

[Page 12]
Doumoto: And you don’t know where she went.
SFX: beep beep
Fujimoto: … yea
Doumoto: And places where she might go… well, you wouldn’t be asking me if you knew.
Doumoto: Kobato is very cute and easily attracts attention. The students that are on their way to school may have seen her.
Fujimoto: Why…
Doumoto: What?

[Page 13]
Fujimoto: You and her, have you two met more than once?
Doumoto: Sorry, it was only that one time.
Fuijimoto: Then why!?
Doumoto: Kiyokazu, you’re desperately searching for her. She must be very important to you.
Fujimoto: I…!

[Page 14]
Doumoto: It’s urgent that we find Kobato.

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