Hey guys! I’m sad, I feel alone and I’m lonely. My favourite forum is shut down, and I don’t know why? (I’m talking about bleachasylum)

So, who has seen the newest Bleach chapter? And ideas?

好きっていいなよ – Say, “I Love You” – Suki-tte Ii na yo

Since I’ve got a little time …. 🙂 I can share you, what I’ve been watching these days.

I don’t know for how long will this video avaible, but  here is the opening song:
“Friendship ~for Say ‘I Love You’.” (Friendship ~for 好きっていいなよ。) by Ritsuko Okazaki, the same amazing singer how’s song was one of the FruitBasket title song!!! I love her voice! RIP 😦

Pic from ep.2

好きっていいなよI love Kurosawa and Kurosaki ... Ahw Kuroboys my weakness :p

Plot Summary: For 16 years, Tachibana Mei has had no boyfriend and couldn’t even make friends. One day she accidentally injures Kurosawa Yamato, the most popular boy in school, but for some reason Yamato takes interest in her and one-sidedly declares her his friend. He even kisses Mei to protect her from a stalker. This story based on the hit manga by rising star Hazuki Kanae paints a realistic story of first love. (from Animenews)


Hello Everyone!

I just wanna say Hello to everyone, I’m alive :). Recently I don’t have time to manage this blog, because of my work. But I still love anime 🙂

Bokura ga Ita – 僕等がいた

Well, well where should I start? I checked my categories and I didn’t find Bokura ga Ita on it. At first, it suprised me, ’cause  I watched all episodes and read the manga. …. Strange me 🙂
  The anime is long time ago finished, only 26 episodes. That time my japanese was a little bit rusty and I miss translated the title (only in my head) : It hurts us.  Ha ha,  silly me 🙂 And after every episode it really hurt. I felt sorry for Nana chan and understood  Yamamoto san pain and Yano’s confused behavior.
Plot Summary: Nanami Takahashi is a high school student entering her first year. Immediately on her first day however, she becomes the victim of a practical joke by the school’s most popular guy, Motoharu Yano, who coincidentally also ends up in her class. While the two get off to a rocky start, they soon find themselves falling in love with one another and begin dating. But their relationship is marred by Yano’s past which includes the death of Yano’s previous girlfriend, Nana Yamamoto, and the betrayal surrounding her death. To make matters more complicated her younger sister, Yuri, is in the same class as Yano and Nanami. As Yano struggles to come to grips with Nana’s death and his unresolved feelings for her, so too must Nanami learn to understand Yano if the two hope to continue their relationship with one another. (from animenewsnetwork)