Hanasaku Iroha – 花咲くいろは ep.10

As a result of constantly getting up early to help clean, Ohana collapses with a fever and is told to rest for the day. I was waiting for this, in a good shoujo anime there are always someone, who gets fever, or catch cold, or collapse etc … Most of the time, I love the “ill-episode” 🙂 because there is always an almost-kiss-scene. (just like in Kaichou wa Maid-sama )

What do you think?

Tōru makes her some porridge and becomes slightly enamoured by her appearance. It’s high time for this!!! Come on Tóru 🙂

cute 🙂

Minko starts to become a bit jealous of the attention Tōru gives to Ohana. But honestly, I don’t care … I don’t like tsundere types. except tsundere boys 🙂

poor minko

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