AnoHana ep.9

I luv this episode:) because –> Anaru and Yukiatsu is getting closer together. They are so cute 🙂 At first I was a AnaruYadomi shipper, but time passed by and I became a AnaYuki fan.
At the end of the episode Yadomi realizes he don’t wanna let Menma to go heaven.

One more thing! What about Poppo??? Creo que armonizarán Menma y Poppo 🙂 I don’t know what’s “match” in spanish. The dictironary said : armonizar … But never mind, I’m just thinking out loud 🙂

I wipe your tears 🙂 oh so sweeet

Sweet couple? Strange couple?

I found this pic on the net, it's hilarious. I used to be a Death Note fan 🙂

2 thoughts on “AnoHana ep.9

  1. lol, That’s Menma’s real wish, cleanse the Earth of no-gooders. 😀

    Wait,…. what? You’re fine with Anjou and Yukiatsu? I was starting to like Yukiatsu but c’mon, he’s still coming off as a prick after all his Menma outbursts.

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