Sweet Orihime

All I have to say is that Orihime OWNS this entire chapter and the chapter before. And I hope the next chapter, as well 🙂

She got stronger, her new power is amazing.

Shiten Koushun

my fav pair 🙂 me gusta IchiHime 🙂

Ao no Exorcist ep.6 — Boys in the kitchen II.

I don’t know why Rin isn’t popular with girls. and it’s really bothers him. He is so cute, especially his spiky ears. I’ve seen the Lords of the Ring, and you can gues who was my favourite and why 🙂

The Phantom Cook — can I have one? In this episode Rins show to us, his cooking skills. And he is good …..

sugar face 🙂

in the middle cooking contest

It's a beginning a beautiful friendship 🙂

Sweet dreams 🙂 Wake up!

That's true 🙂

Kuragehime vol.7 — Boys in the kitchen I.

OMG!! Kuranosuke’s mother in picture. But why is so distracted?? Why?? Keeping secretes is always bad. Don’t you know??
Kuranosuke was such a sweet kiddo who still can cook. He made spaghetti together with his bro. Gimme some 🙂 I do love spagetti! Do you???

Deceide::::Theme of the week: Boys in the kitchen 🙂
It’s rare, from where I came from. But maybe it’s different in Japan?? I can cook, I’m not a genius, but still ok. But my dad can only put up water into the stove. He is a genius 🙂 And what about yours?

looks delicious 🙂

Kimi ni Todoke cp.58

Love is in the air. … Couples everywhere 🙂 and it’s really bothers Chizu. She drinks sweet, just like Ryu. I hope sooner or later they do something 😉 naughty … (that won’t happen).

Kazehaya almost kissed Sawako, but Ayane interrupted them. Poor Kazahaye, poor fellow.

Just do it!

AnoHana ep.6

Honestly, this episode was a little bit boring. But the characters are still lovely 🙂

He knows everything about her 🙂 But ... he still love Menma

They realized something .... related with Menma ...

Shoujou 🙂

Ao no Excorsit ep.5

I don’t repeat myself … still busy, exams etc….

But I’ve just watched Ao no Excorsit and I can’t get tried of shounen anime. Soooo gooooood 🙂 This last episode wasn’t eventful but still … I really enjoyed it. (koneko-chan)

Shiemi and Rin

Mr. May 🙂

hiiii funny faces 🙂

AnoHana 5

I’m still busy with my exams. But it’s friday and AnoHana is out 🙂

Yukiatsu asked Anaru out. OMG 🙂 Now, I don’t know how is my favourite 🙂 But, both of the guys (Yukiatsu, Yadomi) loves Menma (but she is already dead) That’s situation sucks ….

Wanna go out with me?

Look at me ...

Who's better?

Menma -- i luv this pic


I’m full of exams. This month is terrible, I don’t have enough time for anime or manga.

I have to make decisions, which anime is worth to see?? I hope june come soon 🙂 Lots of free anime/manga time.

I (must) have time for AnoHana, this is one of my favourite anime in this season. I’m look forward fridays, when release the new episode. Yukiatsu was great in the last one 🙂 🙂 Crossdressing, he turned into Menma …. 😀 LOL