Fairy Tail cp.229

I’m getting better, slowly but surely. 2 doctors 1 week 2 illness 1 Bleach chapter.  I don’t wanna complaint,  I just wanna share with you.

I read Fairy Tail, and I love Juvia when she is serious.Nobody can hurt (her) Gray-sama 🙂 Now, the three of them connected …. I bet, that little girl will fall in love Gray as well. But what a waste if, Gray gets hurt by this way. I love his fights too, I don’t want him to get beaten by Ultear. I don’t understand, why can’t Ultear sense Gray. She’s the number 1 of the 7 kin. ….

Now, I know why is her name is Lluvia 🙂 Thanks to my spanish classes 😉

a new dream team???

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