Suite Precure

You wanna eat something sweet? But on a diet or there aren’t any sweets at home?!!!
Well, you only have to watch a suit precure episode. It’s so sweet and refreshing, pretty girls are transforming into legendary warriors (dreadful isn’t it?).  It’s worth a try!

The story: The city Kanemachi is filled with music. Hibiki Hojou and Kanade Minamino have grown up in this town and have known each other from childhood. But since they are in middle school they argue every time they meet . One day the fairy Hummy(talking cat) from the land of music, Major Land, appears before them. The evil king pink Mephisto is planning(what an evil plan 🙂) to turn in the legendary musical score the “melody of happiness” in the melody of misfortune(yes, it’s happens all the time!). To prevent this from happening, Hibiki(pink) and Kanade(blonde) are to transforming themselves into Pretty Cure. Kanade and Hibiki (I used to have bbf,just like Hibiki), who would otherwise never agree with each other, are united as Pretty Cure as their hearts long for justice!

Suite Precure

I like the pairing: a blonde one and a pink 🙂

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