Fairy Tail ep.68

Another arc has ended. I loved this arc, it was good because of Wendy 🙂 And they are finally become reconciled with Jellal. And Wendy join the Fairy Tail, because her guild wan an illusion.
I like their cloths 🙂 I’m so tired today.


Because I love Bleach – cp.438

Kaon-chan do you like Bleach?? I do, but I think is pretty obvious 🙂
Some people said that’s it’s boring, nothing happens etc …. but I said: You have to appreciate it. The HM arc was to long, now Kubo can draw whatever he wants.

By the way it’s weekend I was messing around with Photoshop 😀

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!!

I’ve just found this cool image!
I don’t read Katekyo, I don’t follow the story-line but maybe it’s time to start??
Once I’ve started to watch the anime … but I don’t why a dropped it.

But this  image is coooool 🙂

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

The story: Tsunayoshi Sawada, or No-Good Tsuna, fails at almost everything- ball sports, tests, quizzes, even crushes. But when he gets a home tutor, this is where Tsuna’s life begins to take a different course. His home tutor is Reborn, an infant hitman from the Mafia from Italy who uses spartan ways of teaching Tsuna various things. Later told by Reborn that Tsuna is the 10th Generation heir of the strongest Mafia family in Italy, the Vongola Family, he must now find the rightful Guardians, defeat the enemies while coping up with school, seeing his crush and surviving Reborn’s deadly teaching methods and bullets.


It’s complicated than it seems … There are lot of cool characters in this manga, who are related with different mangas like Tsubasa,  RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE.
I think it’s pretty cool,  cause Watanuki shows up in Tsubasa as well.

What I like: Yuuko’s extrem cloths; Doumeki’s relaxed nature, Watanuki’s fireworks (and by the way I’m a WatanukixYuuko and WatanukixZashiki-warashi shipper) and most of all the mysterious storys!! And I like the pipefox 🙂 so many things I like 🙂 ^^



If you don’t know this story: Kimihiro Watanuki is a young boy with a cursed gift. He has the ability to see evil spirits, and somehow they seem attracted to himself. One day he meets a misterious woman who names herself Yuuko. She claims to have the means to end his torment, but she never works for free, and she wouldn’t help him until he works for her enough to pay for her services. Thus he starts to work in her shop and discovers that in that place, nothing is what it seems. (from Animenetwork)

Suite Precure

You wanna eat something sweet? But on a diet or there aren’t any sweets at home?!!!
Well, you only have to watch a suit precure episode. It’s so sweet and refreshing, pretty girls are transforming into legendary warriors (dreadful isn’t it?).  It’s worth a try!

The story: The city Kanemachi is filled with music. Hibiki Hojou and Kanade Minamino have grown up in this town and have known each other from childhood. But since they are in middle school they argue every time they meet . One day the fairy Hummy(talking cat) from the land of music, Major Land, appears before them. The evil king pink Mephisto is planning(what an evil plan 🙂) to turn in the legendary musical score the “melody of happiness” in the melody of misfortune(yes, it’s happens all the time!). To prevent this from happening, Hibiki(pink) and Kanade(blonde) are to transforming themselves into Pretty Cure. Kanade and Hibiki (I used to have bbf,just like Hibiki), who would otherwise never agree with each other, are united as Pretty Cure as their hearts long for justice!

Suite Precure

I like the pairing: a blonde one and a pink 🙂

Skip Beat cp.171

Ren and Kyouko, Kyouko and Ren. Like a never ending drama circle.  No she detest Ren. What next?
I like shoujo manga so much. But nothing readable happens. Bleach’s more drama scenes 🙂 Shishi wants to kill Orhimie. OMG 😀
By the way, I’m waiting for the next chapter!!!

she is beautiful

What do you think, Ladies?

Double-Bubble => Kimi ni Todoke 2nd season 5-6. episode

Last week I didn’t have enough time for watch Kimi ni Todoke. Good for me, ’cause this two episode linked together.
Finally, something has happened!! Thanks to Kento. I understand this guy, he only wants to help Sawako. He has good intention, but bad methods. …. result: angry Kazehaya and weeping Sawako.
There is a cute Chizu-scene as well. I’m fun of Chizu and Ryu.

She can be cute!




There are sweet moments in Bakuman as well.
I’m currently “watching” at episode 7, I know the latest is episode 18.
I’m enjoying the MihoxMoritaka scenes … they are so clumsy. But I don’t understand why???

Do you like him?

Plot Summary: Moritaka Mashiro, a junior high school student, content to live out a relatively normal life as any other does, is persuaded by his classmate, Akito Takagi, to become an aspiring mangaka when the latter realizes his natural talent as an artist. However, Moritaka is reluctant to pursue his dream as his uncle, once a mangaka with his own serializations, died from overwork trying to regain his lost status. With Akito’s help, Takagi gets another classmate and his school crush, Azuki Miho, who is an aspiring voice actress, to voice in the anime adaptation of their future manga once it is completed. However, Mashiro also proposes to Azuki, who surprisingly accepts only on the condition she will marry him when both of them have achieved their dreams. With a goal set before him, Mashiro begins a long and struggling path to become a famous mangaka. (from Animenewsnetwork)

the duo

Happy Valentine’s Day

Chocolate for everyone!

Five Centimeters Per Second, listen this song. It’s so calming.
You can relax, and think about the person you care the most.
It’s not a typical love song, but since my japanese is little bit rusty, I don’t care 🙂

English Translation
If I lose any more than this, will my heart be forgiven
How much pain before I can see you again
One more time, please don't change the season
One more time to the time when we fool around
When our path cross each other, I am always the first to turn
Making me indulge more in my selfish way
One more chance tripped by memories
One more chance we cannot choose our next place
I am always searching somewhere for you
Opposite of the house, the other side of the alley's window
Even though I know you won't be here
If my wish is to be granted, please bring me to you right now
Betting and embracing everything
To show you there's nothing else I can do
Anybody should be fine if it was just to ease loneliness
Because the stars in the night sky seems like falling, I cant lie to myself
One more time, please dont' change the season
One more time to the time when we fool around
I am always searching somewhere for you
Even at the intersection and dream
Even though I know you won't be here
If miracle was to happen, I want to show it to you right now
A new morning, myself
and the "I love you" which I couldn't say
Summer's memory is revolving
The sudden disappearance of heart beat
I am always searching somewhere for you
At dawn's town, At Sakuragi street
Even though I know you won't come here
If my wish is to be granted, please bring me to you right now
Betting and embracing everything
To show you there's nothing else I can do
I am always searching somewhere for your fragment
At the destination's shop, At the corner of the newspaper
Even though I know you won't be there
If miracle was to happen, I want to show it to you right now
A new morning, myself
And the "I love you" which I couldn't say
I always end up looking somewhere for your smile
At the railway crossing of the fast pace town
Even though I know you won't be here
If life can be repeated, I'll go to you many times over
There's nothing else that I want
Nothing else is more important than you