Kobato Drop 21

Itt az idő, most vagy Kobato 🙂 // na jó ez gyenge volt 🙂

de a lényeg az itt van:


Kobato Drop 21

Kobato Drop 21 : The true feeling

Page 1
Sayaka: Will Kobato come today?
Fujimoto: I…

Page 2
Fujimoto: She said, “It will be alright when the sun come out again tomorrow”
Sayaka: I see…
Sayaka: so you have gone to see her then…
Sayaka: to Kobato’s place

Fujimoto: I am going out to sweep.
Sayaka: Fujimoto-kun, do you understand?

Page 3
Sayaka: for a person as you who is not good at expressing your feeling
Sayaka: you have changed a lot after meeting with Kobato

Sayaka: I
Sayaka: need to change myself as well

Page 4
Fujimoto: I didn’t make a special effort to go there…
Fujimoto: just happened to live next door..

Kobato: Good Morning!!
Fujimoto: WAA!!

Page 5
Kobato: Ehh!?
Kobato: Is there something behind me!?
Fujimoto: no! is you!

Kobato: Huh!?
Kobato: ME!?

Kobato: Is there something strange!?
Fujimoto: You are always very strange!

Kobato: AHHHHH!?
SFX: shock

SFX: Strange
SFX: cough

Page 6
Fujimoto: … you, are you alright?

Kobato: yes, I am fine
Kobato: Today’s weather is really nice, and I have already made up my decision.

Page 7
Kobato: By the way, thank you so much for giving me cakes from Chiroru!

Fujimoto: ah… that’s nothing
Fujimoto: it is just at hand.

Kobato: But I am very happy

Page 8
Fujimoto: … which one is the most delicious?
Kobato: Which one? They all look really delicious

Fujimoto: what do you mean by look, you haven’t eaten them yet?
Kobato: no.

Fujimoto: well, then
Fujimoto: *whisper-whisper* if you have one that’s your favourite…

Page 9
Kobato: what?

Fujimoto: NOTHING!

Fujimoto: Let’s start sweeping
Kobato: yes

Kobato: Report Fujimoto-san, there’s no broom

Page 10
Fujimoto: I am going to grab them now!
SFX: phone ring
SFX: huh
SFX: grip tightly

Page 11
Fujimoto: I am going to get the broom
Kobato: Okay
Kobato: To Fujimoto-san, the one who he is most worried about is Sayaka-sensai.

Page 12
Kobato: … I want to heal Fujimoto-san
Kobato: not because I want to fill up the bottle but because I hope to see his smile.

Ioryogi: … really?

Page 13
side-text: Kobato realize the important reason of existence to her. However, she doesn’t have much time left …
Kobato: That’s why…
Kobato: I will try my hardest

Kobato: you are…

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