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De fent van a Kobato manga legújabb fejezete.

Itt lehet olvasni: Kobato Drop 21

S hozzá a szöveg: Nem én fordítottam, hanem : xraiko — thanks for the translation! 

[Page 1]
Drop 22. For you

[Page 2]
Boy: Kobato nee-chan left!
Girl: She walked off with the mean nii-chan that came to the nursery before.
Boy: Kobato nee-chan told us to tell you that she’s going out for a bit.
I wanted to stop her but she just left smiling.

[Page 3]
Fujimoto: That idiot!!
Kobato: Hello Okiura-san. Thank you very much for coming all this way.
Okiura: No problem. I’m more than happy to come and meet a cute girl.
I’m usually still asleep at this time of the day so I’m a bit tired. Excuse me, ha.

[Page 4]
Kobato: Sorry, I should have gone to your residence or workplace for your convenience.
Okiura: No, it was Miyada… the guy who contracted appendicitis
He stopped you right?
Kobato: Yes. I said it was okay to just meet on the road side.
Okiura: It’s because we don’t know what will happen if we met at our office.
SFX: *Hide*
Okiura: Best that we choose somewhere public. He’s very worried about you.
Kobato: Really?
Okiura: Really.

[Page 5]
Okiura: Since I’m from the Yakuza.
Kobato: Then I have a request for the Yakuza Okiura-san.
Okiura: Kobato, you are truly very interesting.
Okiura: What kind of request?

[Page 6]
Kobato: Please don’t close down Yomogi nursery.
Okiura: That I can’t do.

[Page 7]
Kobato: Why?
Okiura: Because I haven’t been paid back.
Kobato: So you won’t close it down if we pay you back?
Okiura: Mmmm… that’s correct.
Okiura: But the nursery doesn’t have the money right? Little Kiyokazu won’t be able to pay back such a large sum even if he works part time.
Okiura: Or…

[Page 8]
Okiura: Might you have a plan, Kobato?

[Page 9]
*Note* From the Chinese text, I’m guessing Fujimoto referred to Kobato as “aitsu” in the original Japanese dialogue? Bit hard to translate so I’ll just say “her”.

Doumoto: Kiyokazu!?
Doumoto: Why the rush?
Fujimoto: Have you seen her?!
Doumoto: Her?
Fujimoto: YEA, HER!
Fujimoto: Always clumsy, makes a mess when she paints, even though she can sing pretty well
Fujimoto: But lacking common sense and doesn’t recognise danger when she sees it, that’s her!

[Page 10]
Doumoto: Calm down
Doumoto: Is it someone I’m supposed to know?
Fujimoto: You’ve met her before!
Doumoto: Could it be, Hanazawa Kobato?
Fujimoto: That’s right!!
Doumoto: Ahhh, her!
Did you manage to scare her away?
Fujimoto: I DID NOT!

[Page 11]
Fujimoto: That idiot. She got herself caught up in the mess that Okiura created.
Doumoto: Okiura… is that Sayaka’s ex husband?
Fujimoto: … yea
Doumoto: When did she disappear?
Fujimoto: Just then, when the kids from the nursery saw her leave with Okiura’s underling.

[Page 12]
Doumoto: And you don’t know where she went.
SFX: beep beep
Fujimoto: … yea
Doumoto: And places where she might go… well, you wouldn’t be asking me if you knew.
Doumoto: Kobato is very cute and easily attracts attention. The students that are on their way to school may have seen her.
Fujimoto: Why…
Doumoto: What?

[Page 13]
Fujimoto: You and her, have you two met more than once?
Doumoto: Sorry, it was only that one time.
Fuijimoto: Then why!?
Doumoto: Kiyokazu, you’re desperately searching for her. She must be very important to you.
Fujimoto: I…!

[Page 14]
Doumoto: It’s urgent that we find Kobato.

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